The Central Market Community Benefit District (CMCBD) receives enhanced cleaning and maintenance services within the public right of way and sidewalks above and beyond the baseline level of service provided by the City of San Francisco.

The Clean Streets services include:

• Sidewalk sweeping
• Monitoring public trash receptacle overflow and trash removal
• Weeding of tree basins, sidewalk cracks and landscape planters
• Reporting of bulky items for removal by the Department of Public Works
• Spot cleaning
• Steam cleaning of public right of way (quarterly)
• Graffiti abatement

The Clean Team is connected to a central dispatch office by radio for all maintenance-related calls. The dispatch office will dispatch all calls to the appropriate department and will follow up with the individual who placed the call.

The Clean Streets Program is provided by the Central Market Community Benefit Corporation through a contract with MJM Management Group.

Hours of Operation
M-F, 7am - 4pm
Weekends, 10am - 2pm

Dispatch & Call Center
Hours of Operation: Daily, 9am - 6pm
Call Center Number: 415.543.5223

Call for non-emergency safety, social service outreach, and cleaning and maintenance issues in the public realm of Central Market.

Numbers to Know
Emergency: 9-1-1
Non-Emergency/City Call Center: 3-1-1
Central Market Dispatch & Call Center: 415.543.5223

Graffiti Abatement Service Policy

Reporting Graffiti in Central Market

Report graffiti on private or public property in the Central Market Community Benefit District (CMCBD) to the CMCBD Dispatch and Call Center by calling 415.543.5223.

The CMCBD Dispatch and Call Center operates daily between the hours of 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

To report graffiti on private property in the District outside of operating hours, please leave a message on the CMCBD Dispatch and Call Center voicemail. To report graffiti on public property in the District outside of operating hours, please contact 3-1-1.

Graffiti on Private Property

The CMCBD will provide limited graffiti abatement service on public and private property within the District’s boundaries. Any graffiti tags on private property that are within 10 feet from the ground will be abated by the CMCBD in accordance with its service schedule and hours of operation. The CMCBD will not remove graffiti on awnings.

The CMCBD will apply the best possible paint matching. If you have any questions or concerns regarding paint matching, or would like to coordinate paint matching with the CMCBD’s Clean Team, please contact the CMCBD Dispatch and Call Center at 415.543.5223 or by emailing the CMCBD at

Graffiti on Public Property

The CMCBD Dispatch will notify the City and County of San Francisco’s Department of Public Works (DPW) of the presence of graffiti on public property so DPW can remove it.

This graffiti abatement service policy is effective through December 31, 2011.